Types of Teaching Methods

25 Jun

Education plays a huge part in people’s lives. It prepares a person to face the real-world challenges in life through years of education and training since childhood.  Because of the broad diversity of students, whose personalities and abilities differ from each other, teachers face so many challenges in teaching them a huge amount of knowledge. Imparting information to a roomful of students can be hard, but by using a selection of proven teaching methods, it can also be manageable.

To enumerate all the types of teaching methods would be to create a long list of methods. However, in this article, we will discuss the main types of teaching methods used widely in the United States as well as in other countries.

·         Lecturing – As part of the traditional method of teaching students, a classroom lecture has always been the top choice among teachers worldwide. Although technology has made possible numerous alternatives to teaching students, a personal interaction with the students in a classroom setting still holds an important aspect in student learning. Several types of visual aids that the teacher uses to convey information effectively often accompany a typical lecture.

·         Demonstrating – There is no other method that invokes a student’s attention than a physical demonstration. Demonstrations in the classroom can raise students’ curiosity while reinforcing memory retention. Students remember their lessons better when a demonstration has been done in class or outdoors. By proving that a concept can be applied in the real world, students will appreciate it better.

·         Collaborating – Collaborating with fellow students is a great way to interact with one another and learn things while discussing them. Many student collaborations, such as group assignments and team-building activities have resulted in better understanding of the topic as well as improving student participation in class. While working together, students get more excited about the task at hand and through several group discussions, they are able to formulate fresh ideas.

·         Oral Reporting – Oral reporting has been an age-old teaching method that has become even more popular due to its effectiveness in teaching students several necessary skills for them to succeed in the real world. Standing in front of the class and assuming the role of the teacher allows students to take charge of the class and teach their fellow students a certain subject. Not only will they study and master the topic, but they will also practice their oral communication skills.

·         Assignments – Teachers often assign certain tasks to students to take home or accomplish in between periods. Assignments are effective ways to teach students how to conduct self-study as well become independent from the teacher in acquiring information.

Today, teaching methods have become varied and diversified even more with the advent of new technology. Advances in technology have paved way to an increasing number of new teaching methods to help in student learning. Computers, the internet, digital presentations, audio and video lectures and many others are now available for a better learning experience. While such advancements have made things simpler for most teachers and students, traditional teaching methods will remain to play an important role in student education.


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  4. Sufiyanu muhammad 2014/04/30 at 2:14 pm #

    Discussion method:- A verbal exchange of view, opinions or ideas between two or more people is referred to as discussion.

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    pls try and attach something like small groups,round table, brainstorming etc as part of teaching method.thanks

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      Thanks for your input. Will keep this in mind for future articles. I appreciate comments like this.

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